Odes to Life

Everything is horrible!

We live in the worst of times!

War and poverty everywhere!

The rich oppress the poor and big money controls everything!

Racism, sexism, and other horrible -isms are integrated into the system and we can’t get them out!

You get an education that only leaves you bills, work all your life like a drone in the capitalist system for next to nothing, then you die,

Woe is me!

That’s the exciting, apocalyptic message we hear every day, until we all feel like life is pointless or, alternatively, we dedicate our spare time to complaining about it online and imagine that we are the last of the true last freedom fighters in a sci-fi dystopian teen Netflix series.

It’s a great fantasy, but alas, it’s not reality.

In fact, the world has never been better.

Whether we are black or white, male or female, never in history have any of us enjoyed more rights, privileges, opportunities and prosperity than today.

Never before has it been so easy to find support for any challenge we face or knowledge and allies to realize any plan we might imagine.

There has never been a better world than this.

It’s just not cool to say so.

Fortunately, I’m not cool.

Odes to Life is a series of 1-minute rants on video (more rant than poetry), whose only purpose is to encourage you to live.

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The Videos

Ode to Give Up and Stop Trying

Ode to the World is a Mess

Ode to Humanity is Crap

Ode to I’m so Old and Tired

Ode to Everyone is Better Then Me

Ode to I’m Disappearing

Ode to the System is Broken

Ode to I Want More

Ode to No One Appreciates Me

Ode to Toxic Masculinity

Ode to I Shoulda Never Got Married

Ode to Why is Everyone Happier than Me?

My Prayer for 2023

Ode to all the Goddam Little Annoyances in Life

Ode to Everything is Horrible

Ode to My Children Won’t Speak to Me

Ode to Activism

Ode to I’m a Drone!

More coming soon

More coming soon

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