About Poetry & Purpose

What is Poetry & Purpose?

It started out as a YouTube channel – I wanted to post videos of poetry, literature and my struggle to start a new life after a number of setbacks and then I went and had to turn 60.

From there I decided to publish some books I found true and useful in my fight to change my life (starting with the George Washington Rulebook of Achievement).

From there it made sense to after organize everything around a website and a newsletter with new writings – like a blog, only per e-mail.

Hope you like it!

Poetry & Purpose on YouTube

On our YouTube channel, you will find:

– German poems in English;

– poems from the classic period of English poetry of values;

– unhinged rants about what a great world we live in and don’t know it;

– happy rants to start the week out with;

– thoughtful rants and a glass of whiskey to end the week with;

and more.

Who is E.T. Hansen?

Grew up Mormon and a haole in Hawaii; always wanted to be a writer in Europe; went on a mission in Germany and studied medieval literature in Munich; became a journalist then a writer, first in English, then in German, first non-fiction, then thrillers.

When I turned 60, I saw I was still not the man I wanted to be, and I decided to change that.

These changes include:

– finding out the core of life and my own heart;

– finding one great book within me, if there is one;

– return to my native language English;

– start my own publisher to better control my writing, and

– doing it all publicly.

If you’d like to accompany me on my journey, I’d like to hear from you.

What is Hula Ink?

After publishing a dozen book – non-fiction and novels – in established German publishing houses, I knew I wanted two things:

– to have more control over my writing, and

– to return to my native language English.

Going into publishing is a big risk and many writers have failed at it in the past, from Heinrich von Kleist to Mark Twain, but I had to try.

So this is it:

My shot at re-launching my writing life on the basis of publishing my own works in my one language.

My publishing house is Hula Ink.

Our First Book

The George Washington Rulebook of Achievement

The George Washington Rulebook of Achievement

This is the beginning, the toe in the water.

I have more in the pipeline ready to go – but first, I have to figure out this publishing thing.

If you want to be involved – I am looking for early readers, Amazon reviews and bloggers interested in my subject matter – drop me line.


I find communication via Facebook to be particularly simple – friend me and send me a message!

You can also contact me by e-mail using this form:

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It’s with great pleasure I present work of Cornelis Cornelius, poet and digital artist. This book is a poem of hope and reassurance for those living for a brief moment without love – it was concieved and created to give only this message: That you will find love.

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– searching for purpose and meaning, or want to become a person capable of achieving something in life; or

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In our free section,

you will find the lessons and insights I have learned in my life and am still learning today:

– from 60 years of life as an outsider in two cultures and on two continents – as a haole in Hawaii and an Ami in Germany;

– from my quest to find purpose, meaning as spirituality, and the truth about the confused world we live in;

– from my fight with depression and life with ADHD;

– from my study of the great books and poetry of the great thinkers in history.

Our exclusive section

is for writers and those learning to write – in it, you will find:

– practical lessons on the craft of storytelling;

– tips on how to enhance your creativity and find meaning and purpose in life through writing;

– my experiences in the world of professional writing, but also as one who explores life through writing.

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